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We often get many upfront questions from our guests about Transnistria.  

Here we offer you our answers for the most regular questions. 

We are locals - so we have the first-hand right knowledge.

  • Is Transnistria a country (is Transnistria independent)?
    Yes, Transnistria (aka Pridnestrovie or Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic) is a de facto independent country since September 1990, when it proclaimed its independence from Moldova on the eve of the Soviet Union fall. Moldovan authorities do not control the territory of Transnistria. Transnistria has all institutions of an independent state, including its own financial system and foreign ministry. The only thing missing is the international recognition de jure.
  • Where is Transnistria on the map, is Transnistria in Europe?"
    Geographically, Transnistria is located in the south-eastern part of Europe (in EU terms) but almost in its southern centre if we think of a broader Europe "from the Atlantic to the Urals". Sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine it is 100 km from the Black Sea port of Odessa and is 2 hours flight from Frankfurt in Germany.
  • What is the capital of Transnistria?
    Tiraspol is the capital of Transnistria. It is also the largest city of the country with its population of about 150.000 people.
  • How can I travel to Transnistria?
    If you are not in Moldova or Ukraine the best way to come to Transnistria is to fly to Chisinau International airport (KIV) situated 45 kms from Transnistrian border. You may see flight options on The airport is nice and modern and has direct connections with many European capitals and towns. If you travel on your own on arrival go for a transfer (taxi, bus or minibus) that will take you to Tiraspol. If you get in touch with us beforehand we will organize your transfer (Transnistrian taxi) that will be the least expensive option and a Transnistrian experience at the same time. If you are already in Chisinau you may reach Tiraspol from Chisinau central bus station (one-way trip - around 3 euros, bus or minibus), taxi or get in touch with us for the least expensive Transnistrian taxi. The same refers to Odessa (big seaport city in Ukraine) which is 100 kms from Tiraspol.
  • Do I need a visa to Transnistria?
    You don't need visa to enter Transnistria once you have legally entered Moldova or Ukraine, two countries bordering Transnistria. The most convenient way is to come to Transnistria from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. You can check the list of countries whose citizens don't need visa to visit Moldova and Transnistria. You can also enter Transnistria from Odessa, Ukraine. You may check in this list if you need a visa to enter Ukraine.
  • What airlines fly to Transnistria?
    Chisinau International airport (KIV) is the closest airport to Transnistria (45 kms to the border of Transnistria) linked with direct flights to many European capitals. Moldovan national airliner AirMoldova will be one of direct options (return flights starting from 199 EUR). Other time & cost convenient direct & non-direct carriers are - Aeroflot, Austrian airlines, Lufthansa, LOT - Polish airlines, TAROM, Turkish airlines, Ukraine International airlines. WizzAir is a low-coster that has several direct options from European cities to KIV. We recommend to choose your best flight at
  • What is the border crossing procedure like?
    The border-crossing administrative procedure was simplified in summer of 2017 in order to promote greater foreign visitors influx. It is cost-free and quick. To enter Transnistria a foreigner presents his valid passport to the migration officer (who usually have basic knowledge of English) at the border checkpoint and declares the means of entering (car registration certificate), location (hotel or apartment address), duration of stay in Transnistria and sometimes the aim of visit. The visitor immediately receives a slip with data provided which serves as his migration document for short-term visits to be kept together with his passport and shown to the migration officer while leaving the country. Yes, you may keep the slip for yourself afterwards. NB: We recommend to always declare one extra day of stay as the leaving time will be identical to your entering time. For example if you enter at 9am and declare one day stay you will have to leave by 9am of the following day. Maximum one-time stay is 45 days.
  • What is the currency in Transnistria?
    The currency in Transnistria is the Transnistrian ruble. The current exchange rate (fixed by the Central bank of Transnistria) is: 1 USD = 16,3 rubles, 1 EUR = 18,4 rubles. Transnistria is also famous for issuing plastic coins which circulate along with paper money and metal coins.
  • What credit cards are accepted in Transnistria?
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: The cards (Visa or Mastercard) are temporarily not accepted in Transnistria (from Nov 2019). Being unrecognized Transnistria is not a full-fledged member of international financial system. So paying services or goods with your card will be practically impossible here. The best option is to bring cash (USD, EUR) or to withdraw cash from your card (Visa or Mastercard) in local bank offices (you will need to present your ID and will be charged 3% commission) and to convert it into Transnistrian ruble in the same bank or in numerous exchange offices (the rates are practically the same). Since recently one can withdraw USD or Transnistrian rubles from the ATMs of Agroprombank located in its central office (Tiraspol, 25th October str. 85/1) or in numerous Sheriff supermarkets. The commission is also 3%. While converting don't forget to ask in the bank for plastic coins used by Transnistrians. You may keep them as a unique souvenir.
  • What currencies are accepted in Transnistria?
    According to Transnistrian legislation you can pay services and goods in Transnistrian ruble only. The only exceptions are gas stations or informal market where you may still use foreign currencies (cash only). Apart of the currencies of the bordering countries (Moldovan Leu (MDL) and Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)) local exchange offices will also eagerly buy US dollar (USD), euro (EUR) & Russian Ruble (RUB). It will be difficult to sell British pound (GBP) at a good exchange rate. The best rates are usually given for the USD. The current rate for 1 USD is 16,3 rubles.
  • How and where do I exchange money in Transnistria?
    It is very simple to exchange foreign currency into Transnistrian ruble as there are numerous exchange offices all around the main towns of the country. You can easily find them by a sign "ОБМЕН" and "EXCHANGE" and current exchange rates displayed on the window. Every supermarket will also have a bank office with exchange services. The exchange is commission-free and the rates don't differ too much from one exchange office (bank) to another. You don't need to present your ID when exchanging the money.
  • Is English widely spoken in Transnistria?
    English (or other foreign languages) is very rare to be spoken in Transnistria. Mainly among younger generations. So having a guide if you don't speak any of local languages is highly recommended. Recent opening for tourism made it easier for English-speakers to be understood in hotels and restaurants, as well as at the border-crossing points by migration officers.
  • What languages is (are) spoken in Transnistria?
    Transnistria is a multiethnic state with three official languages - Russian (language of interethnic communication), Moldavian and Ukrainian. Other minorities speak Gagauzian and Bulgarian.
  • Are residents of Transnistria receptive to foreigners?
    Transnistria residents are welcoming, caring and smiling. They will be slightly curious about you and willing to help if needed. The restaurants and hotels usually have English-speaking personnel, although in general not so many ordinary Transnistrians speak good English. But nonetheless you will definitely never feel any hostility when in Transnistria.
  • Is Transnistria dangerous or safe?
    Transnistria is one of the safest places in the world. Street crime is almost unknown and pickpocketing never reported by our visitors. You may read the UK Government Foreign travel advice for Moldova and Transnistria as a third party opinion.
  • What are the prices in Transnistria: is it cheap or expensive?
    Transnistria is a relatively cheap country. Here are some prices in Tiraspol: Business lunch 2,5-4 $ Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 4-6 $ Milk (regular), (1 liter) 0.65 $ Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 0.40 $ Local cow/sheep salty cheese (bryndza) (1kg) 3.90/5.50 $ One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 0.21 $ Draught beer 0.5l (local) in the bar 0.60-1.2 $ Espresso/Latte in Coffeeshop 0.60/1.0 $ Rib-eye steak in a trendy Restaurant 8-9 $
  • What is the climate like in Transnistria?
    Climate in Transnistria is moderately continental. The winters are mild and short and the summers are hot and prolonged. Average temperatures in January -4°C, in July +23°C. The climate is influenced mainly by humid aerial masses from the Atlantic, mixed with periodical invasions of cold weather from the north, warm and humid air from the Mediterranean and dry hot air from the east. The seasons are clearly expressed. The pleasant warm weather (above +5°C) starts at the end of March and lasts till mid-November with summers predominantly hot and dry. It is usually bright with about 150 sunny days per year, mainly in summer, spring and autumn. If you prefer a warm and sunny time for your trip to Transnistria you should consider visiting it from early April till mid-November.
  • Do I need travel insurance in Transnistria?
    Your tour cost with us doesn't include insurance. As Transnistria is outside the EU it is recommended to obtain your travel insurance for the time of your stay. Contact your insurance company or check the available rates at GoCompare. In case you need a medical assistance during your stay here you will be able to get it without any insurance as the healthcare in Transnistria is still officially free for all, including foreign travellers. There are also several private medical clinics in Tiraspol with modern high-standard equipment (Medin & Tiramed). In case of emergency dial 103 and do your best to explain it slowly.
  • What if I need a private tour to Transnistria?
    We are specialists in tailoring tours in accordance with your preferences, budget and time available. Send us your message right now and we will come back with a few questions and our tour proposal.
  • What if I need a transfer to/from/through Transnistria?
    In case you don't need a tour but prefer to have a safe and fair transfer to, from or through Transnistria we may arrange your transfer which will be done by the drivers we know who are well experienced and drive safely. We don't usually charge for our service, we just provide assistance to the drivers we work with and whose reliable service we may recommend. Send your transfer request right now!
  • What if I have special dietary needs?
    We often receive guests who have special dietary preferences - vegans, vegetarians or allergic. All our meals we offer during the tours usually include these options.

If you still have questions regarding Transnistria and your future stay here feel free to ask it in a contact form below. We will treat it quickly and give you our expert advice.

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